I'll call this some advice for my fellows about dealing with your "Job Service Provider" (JSP). It can also some "from the front lines" experience in service of those of us fortunate enough to be in secure work or otherwise retired comfortably.

It has to do with how we (The unemployed or the Precariet) feel in the presence and/or scorn of a case worker .
It is natural to feel belittled and looked down upon in situations like this for may reasons, some cant be helped, many could be helped but are not.

For some of us this feeling can even be worse than the precariousness and risks of losing the pension or the stipend.

Recently I had to make a call to a JSP and although the case worker exhibits the air of smug uselessness commonly seen in the private JSP profession.
I fortunately understood my bargaining position and got what I wanted.

"Not without getting the obligatory bit of lip and attitude from the other end" I thought.

During this thought bubble I suddenly became of a change inside me that has existed for some time without me being actively aware of it.

Something that has helped immensely with my emotions in these situations and times, An understanding that may help some of my my kin and fellows.


Its this.


I don't respect JSP case workers, In fact I look down on them.

I don't view their occupation as legitimate work. In fact I would go so far to say that I view these case workers as Liabilities to me, Enemies even.

What this view doesn't do is drive me to hate my JSP.
Nor do I hate the staff, I pity them and view as unfortunate the circumstances that led them to do something so wretched for an income.

I don't overtly attack them either, verbally or otherwise. The power imbalance is real and my job security is unreliable, Reality is taken into account.

What it does do is highlight that that the JSP really does have the moral low ground in its relationship with us. They don't work, they actively scam.

They don't help us or compete with each other to win the esteem of clients. Rather they sit and grow fat on government tenders, Taking credit for the efforts of those people assigned to them.

In reality a JSP is no respectable profession, They are glorified tel-salespeople who have clawed their way one step up a social ladder by actively fucking over the people occupying rungs they just climbed.

Loved only by sectors of society who perceive some manner of gain or profit in fucking over the poor. The character of this glory is a foul one.

Every JSP case worker will, regardless of outcome or fairness strip you of your livelihood to preserve their own, The moment a case worker decides to become the exception is the moment their days in the industry are numbered.


So when a case worker implies that your lazy it may hurt but honestly, Don't even bother getting angry. That individual is unworthy of anything more than the most fleeting real emotion and if we are anything but calm it should be specifically and solely for our own benefit, Nothing for them.

Consider doing as I do, There's no need to even say anything aloud.
Just think for a moment about what a JSP case worker is.

Il say it again.

**--Think about what this person actually is, What they do, What they are.--**

If you and I are kin in a way a little smile will play on the edges on your lips in these moments, Maybe it'll flutter in your heart a little or dance on your temples instead.

Savor that feeling, Use it to Fortify yourself, Keep Moving forward.

Remember that if things hit the fan don't hesitate to summon your allies, What can be done, will be done.
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Public Forum: Job Agencies And Unemployment
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Public Forum: Job Agencies And Unemployment

January 14, 2017, 2:00pm - January 14, 2017, 5:00pm

Feel like your job network mistreats you? Unfairly breaches you? Does not give you enough notice of appointments? Never lets you reschedule? Wastes your time? Then this event is for you. We will be discussing some of the problems job-seekers experience with job agencies, and what we can do about them. How can we help job-seekers know their rights, and how to defend them? And how can we fight for policies that treat the unemployed with respect and fairness? Come along with your stories, questions, and ideas. Anti-Poverty Network SA is a grassroots alliance of welfare recipients: job-seekers, Disability Pensioners, carers, students, single parents, and Age Pensioners. We seek to be a voice of and for, those out of work and living in poverty, and push back against government attacks. Info: Ph: 0404 537 449 E: Fb: W:

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Just reminding everyone that we are offering advice and support to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their job agency, including accompanying job-seekers on their appointments. :-)

Whether it is having your medical certificates rejected, not having your health issues recognised, trouble rescheduling appointments, or being pressured into doing Work For The Dole, let us know, and we will do everything we can to help. :-)

We use the excellent Unemployed Workers' Rights Guide, which is available here:
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Campaigns Working Bee/Meeting

January 27, 2017, 11:00am - January 27, 2017, 1:00pm

This is the second meeting of our Campaigns Working Group, which will concentrate on building our struggles around bigger picture, policy/system issues, i.e., fighting for higher welfare payments, justice for the unemployed, fighting against Income Management. The main focus at this meeting will be our our new, 'poverty makes us sick' campaign. All welcome.

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Working Bee For 'I, Daniel Blake' Film Screening

January 20, 2017, 11:00am - January 20, 2017, 2:00pm

Anti-Poverty Network SA are screening I, Daniel Blake in mid-February. It is our major fundraising event for 2017, and will be one of the largest events we have ever organised. Here is the Facebook event: We will be postering, and making phone calls/sending e-mails, getting individuals/organisations to commit to buying/selling tickets for the event, promoting the screening among their members/staff, etc. Come join us!! We need all hands on deck!! Food/drinks provided.

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