Tracey tells her story on Radio Adelaide in October 2016

Sole parent Suzie tells us her story on Radio Adelaide Oct 2016

David’s interview with Radio Adelaide

River’s story 14 Oct 2015

Byron talks about the dead end of Work for the Dole

Sally and John talk about forced income management

Sally shares her story on forced Income Management in Playford on The Wire July 2015

Nijole shared her story about being on Newstart on Radio Adelaide 19th August 2014.

Lyndall shared her story on Radio Adelaide, from working for many years to finding herself looking for work after retirement. 26th August 2014.

Sue’s personal story was shared on Radio Adelaide 23rd September 2014.

Laura’s story – Laura-Story-Of-A-University-Graduate-On-Newstart

Drew and Angel’s story – Drew-And-Angel-The-Struggles-Of-Living-On-Disability-Support-Pension-And-Carers-Payment

Kat’s story Kat-Sole-Parent-On-Newstart (1)

Ravi’s story Ravi-Tales-Of-Work-For-The-Dole (2)

Nick’s story Nick-Living-In-Poverty

An Adelaide woman’s story (name withheld) A-Spinsters-Guide-To-Dole-Bludging-Purgatory (1)

Aradia’s story Aradias-Story

Carer Sally deserves help, not persecution

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